What is Aquamation?

Alkaline hydrolysis, also known as aquamation, bio cremation, or water cremation, represents a revolutionary approach to pet aftercare. Unlike traditional flame-based cremation, aquamation embraces the principles of natural decomposition, using a combination of gentle water flow, temperature, and alkalinity to mimic the Earth’s own processes. This method accelerates the breakdown of organic matter that would naturally take months or even years, achieving the same result in hours by gently immersing your beloved pet in a solution of 95% warm water and 5% alkali.

Why Choose Aquamation?

By choosing aquamation, you’re not only honoring your beloved companions with a gentler approach, but you’re also making a conscious choice towards reducing your environmental impact. Read further to learn more about the environmental advantages of aquamation.


Aquamation offers several significant benefits for both the environment and the peace of mind of pet owners.

The aquamation process is inherently eco-friendly, reducing carbon emissions by 75% and utilizing 90% less energy compared to traditional flame-based cremation methods.

The resulting water byproduct, known as effluent, is non-toxic and can be repurposed in various environmentally beneficial ways, such as acting as a chemical-free fertilizer, highlighting its sustainable nature.

Aquamation ensures the breakdown of pathogens, viruses, and even chemicals like chemotherapy drugs into essential nutrient components, rendering the remains completely safe to handle and return to the Earth.

With the final mineral bone remains preserved in an urn, aquamation provides a thoughtful and serene way to remember and honor your beloved pet while actively contributing to a healthier planet.


From start to finish, we’re here for you.  

The aquamation process begins when families or veterinarians contact us via phone.

During the initial conversation, we collaborate with you to finalize arrangements tailored to your family's specific needs.

We ensure the seamless transportation of your loved one from either your home or a veterinary office.

A stainless steel identification bracelet is thoughtfully placed on your pet during this step, which remains with them throughout the process, ensuring utmost care and accuracy of identification in each stage.

Following the aquamation process, the identification tag, alongside your pet's remains, is returned to the family in your choice of an urn, a scattering vessel, or other remembrance pieces.

Our meticulous process guarantees both dignity for your beloved companion and the creation of a cherished keepsake for your family.